Wall paintings

The wall decoration of the temple, along with the iconostas, have exeptionally important theological function. They reveal to us the bases of the christan school and who are the coloumns in it as well as the biblical story with colors. Painted in the temple, there is nothing accidentally. Every image has its important role and theological relation.


One of the services of ARTstudioLIKIN is custom made partial /defined scenes/ or complete fresco painting for churches, or other objects.

The price for a wall painting depends on several factors - size, used technic, complexity of the image, used materials e.t.c. This is why the price of any order is negotiated with the customer individually.The price is between 300 and 700 leva per square meter.

Completed wall paintings:

ARTstudioLIKIN have painted the walls of the church "St Nedelya", using light and rich colors, matching the canons of the orthodox arts.