Custom made stained glass Tiffany

The classical stained glass appears in western Europe during the 10th century. Originally they have religios content and they are part from the architecture of the medieval churches. In the time the stained glass occupates its place in the contemperary architecture and the modern interrior design. Now the stained glass can be seen almost anywhere - in hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, art galleries, theaters, homes and so on. They are appropriate for different rooms - bath-rooms, living-rooms, reception and conferent halls, stairways end so on. These days the stained glass lives a second renaissance, but with a new sound and vision. It brings colors, lights and forms and they subordinate the design of the whole surroundings. The stained glass gain it's accent not only under the sun light, but also with the effect of the flame of the fire, or the candle, or the well projected artificial lihgts.



One of the activities of ARTstudioLIKIN is the designing and building of stained glass pieces.We take orders for any size of the piece - from simple and elegant to complex big projects. All of our stained glass pieces are unique. We will make you an individual project, for any piece we make several sketches and we chouse the most appropriate, the closest to the client's wishes. When we make the sketch, we have to consider a lot of factors.

One of the basic activities of the artists from ARTstudioLIKIN is the organization and conduction of courses in stained glass up to ten days with 5 class hours /45min/ each. The groups are up to eight persons. The used materials, that we offer to our students, are with top quality.More information about the courses you will find here.