Restoration and conservation

The restoration is a very interesting for its specific and character activity. It is connected with the recovery of art pieses untill achieving a stable and high aestetical merit. The restorer and his work leave anonymus, that's why his intervention should be delicate, fine, even imperceptible. The restoration of pieses of arts provides special satisfaction to the restorer, who has the honour to return the beauty of the images, their original sound and influence.


ARTstudioLIKIN takes care of restoration of wallpaintings, pictures and icons. The team has experiance in restoration of pieses of arts and works constantly for the preservation of the cultural heretige.

The restoration and conservation of pieses of arts is a very specific work, because of this it is not possible to have a strong binding between size and price. The price is depending on the problems to solve, the term for work, the materials for the work, the size of the object e.t.c. Because of all these reasons the price for restoration and conservation could not be defined in advance. We prepare a plan for the restoration after specification of the concrete problems to solve.

Restored objects:

- The wallpaintings of the temple „St George” in Sandanski;

- The wallpaintings of the temple „St Kozma and Damyan” in Sandanski;

- King's icons from Melnik, including the icon of Sandanski "The cerement of St Mary" , with this icon is carried out a procession during the local festival, along with the people through all of the town.

- Restoration of the icons from the temple "The birth of St Jhon the Baptist" in Petrovo village , Sandanski region;

- Restoration of the icons from the temple „St Haralampi” in Hrasna village , Sandanski region;

- A lots of private home icons.