Order your own orthodox icon

The iconostas is a border, decorated with icons.It devides the altar and the naos, or the sky-church and the earth-church. The iconostas holds a prime importance in the interior of the orthodox temple. Most important and most significant are the icons of St Mary with the child, Jesus Christ, St Jhon the Baptist and the patron of the church. These icons are the biggest in the iconostas, because of their significance. They are called "King's icons". Between them is "The King's door", with the images of St Mary and Archangel Gabriel - a symbol of the St Annunsiation. Absolutely important is the Chrucifictin of Jesus Christos, that is on the top of the iconostas, a symbol of the self-sucrifice and martyr's death of the Christ, our God. Between the "King's icons and the Chrucifictin are the other icons devided in two rows - "the apostolic row" and "the festival row". There are the scenes and the saints, columns of the christian faith and school.


One of the basic activities of the artists from ARTstudioLIKIN is custom-made icons and complete church iconostases. It is possible to be made a copy of an icon after a photocopy from the customer.

The price for a custom-made icon depends freom several factors - size, complexity of the image, used materials e.t.c. This is why the price of any icon is negotiated with the customer individually. Listed below prices are approximate, but it is possible to be a little bit different for particular order.

Saints - bust image

_16 cm ––- 55 leva

_22 cm -–– 80 leva

_30 cm –- 150 leva

_35 cm –- 230 leva

_40 cm -– 290 leva

_50 cm -– 380 leva

_60 cm –- 500 leva

_70 cm -– 600 leva

100 cm – 1200 leva

scene up to 3 figures

_16 cm ––- 65 leva

_22 cm -–– 90 leva

_30 cm –- 170 leva

_35 cm –- 260 leva

_40 cm -– 350 leva

_50 cm -– 450 leva

_60 cm –- 550 leva

_70 cm -– 650 leva

100 cm – 1280 leva

scene with 3 - 10 figures

_16 cm –– no

_22 cm -– no

_30 cm –- 190 leva

_35 cm –- 280 leva

_40 cm -– 380 leva

_50 cm -– 490 leva

_60 cm –- 590 leva

_70 cm -– 690 leva

100 cm – 1380 leva

scene with more than 10 figures

_16 cm –– no

_22 cm -– no

_30 cm –- no

_35 cm –- 310 leva

_40 cm -– 420 leva

_50 cm -– 550 leva

_60 cm –- 690 leva

_70 cm -– 790 leva

100 cm – 1500 leva

1 leva = 0,513euros

The size specified above is the bigger size of the icon.

These prices are for icons with 14 carat golden leaves. It is possible to be done with 23 carat golden leaves, but in this case the price is 35% more than listed above.

In the cathegory "scene up to 3 figures" belong images of: Saints - whole figure; St Maria with the child; St George on the horse etc.

For Bulgaria we use courier, with cash on delivery and at the expence of the customer. Delivery outside of Bulgaria should be negotiated individually. The custumer is eligible to send back the icon within seven day term and the sum will be restord, except of the transport expences.

For more information and questions, please contact us.

Finished church iconostases:

A lots of church iconostases are made from ARTstudioLIKIN. They are distinguished for the exeptional rich and narrative images and a lots of wormth and light. They are:

the iconostas of the church „St Trinity” Novo Delchevo village , Sandanski region;

the iconostas of the church „St Ilia” Popina lyka, Sandanski region;

the iconostas of the church „St Nedelya” Kolarovo village, Petrich region;

the iconostas of the church ”St Simeon the Pillar”, Pleven region;

the iconostas of the greek church „St George” , Chikago, USA;

Thousands of home icons, that are wearing its message in the homes of the orthodox christian families and admirars of the orthodox arts in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Russia, Austria, Germany and many other contries in Europe and elsewhere.