Completed Projects

The artists from ARTstudioLIKIN have behind a lot of completed objects. A lots of church iconostases are made from ARTstudioLIKIN. They are distinguished for the exeptional rich and narrative images and a lots of wormth and light. They are: the iconostas of the church „St Trinity” Novo Delchevo village , Sandanski region; the iconostas of the church „St Ilia” Popina lyka, Sandanski region; the iconostas of the church „St Nedelya” Kolarovo village, Petrich region; the iconostas of the church ”St Simeon the Pillar”, Pleven region; the iconostas of the greek church „St George” , Chikago, USA; Thousands of home icons, that are wearing its message in the homes of the orthodox christian families and admirars of the orthodox arts in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Russia, Austria, Germany and many other contries in Europe and elsewhere.

ARTstudioLIKIN not only creates, but also preserves created already relics. The restorers lead active restoration and conservation, that coud not be possible without the voted trust and exeptional cooperation of на Негово Високопреосвещенство Неврокопски Митрополит Natanail. The head restorer in our collective is Gergana Bozhinova-Likin, who is one of the few certificated from the ministry of the culture master restorers.


"St Trinity" church Novo Delchevo vilage, Sandanski region

"St Trinity" church is one biggest and most beautiful churches in south-western Bulgaria. It is in the lovely vilage of Novo Delchevo, it is an exeptional monument of the spirit and culture. The building of the temple and the iconostas took a lots of efforts and self-sacrifises from the local people, the priests and the artists. The huge temple determin the structure of a huge iconostas. What it is outlined against the other temples is the exeptional fullness and richness of the biblical scenes inside it. The tree rows iconostas, with more than 60 icons so far, is mostly funded with money from local devoted christians. The iconostas is completely built matching the canons of the Eastern-Orthodox church, and the used materials are top quality, including the guilting with 24 carat gold.


"St Ilias" church, poina lyka, Sandanski region

In the skirts of Pirin mountain, as a part of the grest natural view, is the temple, dedicated to St Prophet Ilia. Situated on a very beautiful and cleanplace, where the worshippers can pay their respect to the saint. The iconostas is tree rows - king's, apostolic and festivals's and includes all of the nessesairy saints and biblical scenes. The icons are depicted matching the canons of the Eastern-Orthodox church, and the used materials are top quality, including the guilting with 24 carat gold.


Restoration of the wall paintings of the temple "St Kosma and Damyan", Sandanski.

The church "St Kosma and Damyan", also known as "the old church" among the local people, is from the end of 19th century. It functions as a cemitry church, because of its place. Inside it you can feel very intimate religious athmosphere. The reason for that is the exeptional iconostas and wall paintings, work of iconographers from Melnik school. The church is small, because in the time it was built, Sandanski was a small village. Pitfully the small money it was built, give very strong reflection today. The building of the temple is with spheric river stones and the solder between them is from strow and mud. The problems comming out of this are lots and the wall paintings are in a tragical condition. One of the walls in the temple is restorated, but for the other still have a great chance to lose its historicaly significant wall decoration.


Restoration of the wall paintings of the temple "St George", Sandanski.

The great significance of the temple to the sitizen of Sandanski and their guests, the fact that this church is the head church in the region with the biggest worshipping, make us proud and we accept this as our duty to do anything for the restoration and conservation of the temple, monument of our faith. All this is not possible without the support of the spiritual clergy of the town and Nevrokop bishopric in the person of His Eminence Metropolitan Natanail. The restoration of the wall paintings in the tepmple "St George" is a great challenge. Reason for that is the exeptionally big painted area, its very unstabile condition, the great number problems to be solved spread all over the painted surface. But the very high artistic qualities of the wall paintings, with author Nikolay Shelekhov - iconographer and monk from Month Athos, have stimulated our team to work hard for its preservation.


"St Nedelya church in Sandanski"

During the year 2009 in Sandanski was built from the bases and painted temple, dedicated to St Nedelya. The interrior of the temple is completely decorated with wallpaintings, the biblical story is exeptionally detailed, the colors are light and warm, just as our faith in God. The saints and scenes are depicted matching the canons of the Eastern-Orthodox church, and the used materials are top quality.