About ARTstudioLIKIN

Art gallery "Likin", one of the symbols of Sandanski, keeps living the art and the culture of the region more than 20 years. The gallery is founded august 1989 from the artist and art expert Rumen Bozhinov. The art for him is more than an occupation, it is a vocation. His daughters also took the way of art. Thus appeared ARTstudioLIKIN. It includes Gergana Bozhinova-Likin, artist and restorer and Katerina Dimitrova - Likin, artist and art expert.

Gergana R. Bozhinova-Likin certificated from the ministry of the culture restorer for restoration of cultural valuables and monuments.


graduated: National Art Academy "Nikolay Pavlovich" Sofia

faculty: Applied arts

subject: „Restoration and conservation”

degree: master

qualification: artist-restorer

Katerina R. Dimitrova-Likin artist and explorer of the Melnik iconographic school, author of a work dedicated to the school.


graduated: National Art Academy "Nikolay Pavlovich" Sofia

faculty: Fine arts

subject: „Art history”

degree: master

qualification: artist and art expert

The alliance of several artists with different qualifications and skills in ARTstudioLIKIN, makes possible their complementation in the process of creation and performing multiple art activities.

ARTstudioLIKIN organizes iconography classes and initiating in the christian arts lectures. Very often interested in this classes are foreigners, attracted from our spiritual and cultural wealth.